International Oriental Dance Congress 
"Oriental  Passion Festival"
thens - Greece

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McQueen hotel is hosting our teachers

Collaborating Festivals 2016


Nile Group Festival (Cairo-Egypt)

Layali Bulgaria (Bulgaria) by Evelina Papazova

Belly Dance Masters (Orlando-USA)


Orient Addicts (Poland) by Eva Djamila

Ya Salam Apulia Festival (Bari Italy)

Ah Ya Elbi Festival (Poland)

2017 Edition

Zaghareet Festival (Naples Italy)

2017  Edition

Marhaba festival by Margarita Darina (Russia)


Babylon Apulia Festival (Bari Italy)


Al Hayat Festival by Kristina Derkach (Ukraine)

10-12 March 2017

Oriental Love by Leila (Belgrade-Serbia)


Bazaar - Exhibition


Mamdouh Morise (Egypt)


Design by Shaari


Stellar Advantage (USA)


Yara Dagher (Greece)


Official Photographer & Video