International Oriental Dance Congress

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Guest Artists 2017

Paula Palomares is a spanish young artist, but she has already performed and taught in different countries, in Europe, Africa and America.

Her dance style combines sweetness and power, personality and feeling, tradition and modernity. She dances and teaches with a lot of passion and respect to the oriental dance. Paula loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students all over the world.

Paola Palomares from Spain is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Anna Chepets from Ukraine is a multiple winner of championships and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. Winner of the most prestigious festival in the world AHLAN VA SAHLAN (Cairo) in 2017 in the main nomination MASTER PROFESSIONAL, as well as the winner of this festival 2014, 2015, 2016. - The owner of the silver cup Randa Camel Festival Enigma of Arabia 2016. and the owner of the Crown Vael Mansour professionals in 2017 - The winner of the festival Aini Ya Aini (Spain) 2017 professionals - Silver medalist of the Yalla Yalla festival 2016 in Hungary, professionals - Winner of the PRIMA FESTIVAL nomination AL HAYAT 2016 and 2017. - Teacher of the school of oriental dance BAGIRA - Licensed judge and coach of UAVST - Certified teacher of the League of professionals - Teacher of the festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Cairo)

Anna Chepets is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Raqs Negum group from Greece, directed & choreographed by Elena Dahabeya is a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017
Liliya Gimatdinova from Russia is the director of her own belly dance school "Dgamila".
3rd price winner of "The World BD Championship among professionals in IDO".
Winner of "Randa of course Crown"  2012, 
Winner of international festival "Heshk Beshk" 2015
Also she is the organizer of belly dance championship in Samara since 2007.
 Liliya Gimatdinova is Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Delanna is a passionate dancer, organizer of the 360 ° Orient Festival in Osnabrück (Germany), director of the dance studio Oriental Art and the ensembles Lazurie and Lazurini. Originally from Russia, she lived in Germany for 20 years and now lives in Russia again, she is one of crazy dancers between different worlds, cultures and mentalities. She got in contact with oriental dance as a teenager and has been dancing for many years in the ensemble of Magdy El Leisy.
She is the winner of many German and international competitions and world champion according to IDO 2015. Since 2016 she is writing as a freelance author of the column "ScenenScouting" in Halima Magazine. Her research focuses on the quality of Oriental dance, the roots and study of folklore, especially through the trips to Egypt with Sahra Saeeda, the work with live music and the promotion of dance in the children's & junior area and supporting the new generation.
Delanna is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Ensemble Lazurie from Germany directed & choreographed by Delanna is a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Sofja Roscina was born in Moscow, but raised in east Germany. She started to take belly dance classes at the age of 20 and felt in love with oriental art. Since then she take every possibility to progress her dancing skills by attending regular classes, online lessons, solo dancing in restaurants and on stage, as well as taking part in workshops and advanced training.

Sofja Roscina is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Warda (Cvetina Danova) is a dancer and an organizer to different Arabic events in Bulgaria. She speaks Arabic language and travels to different countries from Middle East. Warda adores to listen the arab music from Golden Era and loves to learn from Egyptian teachers. In 2013 she won 1st place at Solo Adult Category at OPF competition and in 2014 she won 1st place
with group Halima at Group Category at OPF competition.
Warda is a guest member of Kazafy Troupe Greece for 2017 &  a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Athena Najat from USA/Greece/Turkey  is a guest member of Kazafy Troupe Greece and  Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Nabila is an oriental dance teacher, artist and pilates instructor, director of Balilkas oriental Group & principal assistant of Kazafy Troupe Greece,
Nabila from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Katharina Joumana is a child of the second generation of oriental dance in Germany. More than 2 decades she dances oriental and was invited in St. Petersbourg, Madrid, Athens, Vienna and throughout Germany. Influences dance from her dance training in modern dance, flowing in her oriental dance. Beginning of the 90s, she traveled to Egypt where she learned oriental dance with the legendary teacher Ibrahim Akif. In 2000, she called on the successful stage show Café am Nil and founded her own ensemble Oriental Roses. Since 2001 she runs her own dance school established "Azadeh". In her dance school she has trained numerous dancers to successful and internationally known professional dancers. Many Egyptian stars such as Khaled Mahmoud, Camelia, Sahara Samara, Mohamed Kazafy were in Café am Nil guest. Mohamed Kazafy is a regular star guest in her show.

Katharina Joumana is Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Balilkas (G.S Irini Koridalou) from Greece, directed and choreographed by Nabila are a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Valentina Carpenedo comes from Venice, Italy and starts to passionate about Oriental Dance in 2011. She's now a member of the Kazay Troupe Italy and also founded in 2014 the Ya Banat Oriental Dance Group, a group of friends and dancers who teach and spread the Oriental Dance Culture in the venetian territory with passion, energy and love for this discipline"

Valentina Carpenedo is Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Anna Rudenko (Ukraine), 16 years,   in dance since 4 years in general and in Oriental Dance - since 11 years (School of oriental dance "Bagheera" (Kiev), head and coach-Dudarskaya Elena.). I dedicate a lot of time to studying the art of dance, visiting WS of world stars. I  love Arabic music - and the Golden Age, and the modern stage, and folklore. I am a prize-winner of many Ukrainian and international competitions in the nomination "Adults + Youth Amauters". 
In my opinion, the greatest pleasure for a dancer is to dance with a live music. I try not to miss a chance to dance with a live band.
Anna Rudenko is Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Madonna Lou is a professional bellydancer from Taiwan. She starts her belly dance career in 2004. She has been studying dancing for 25 years. In addition to her training with Egyptian style belly dancing , she also studies different dance style such as Jazz , Hip Hop and Contemporary to create her own unique style. She has been invited to teach and perform throughout Asia such as China , Malaysia and Korea. Since then she has continued to enjoying growing her style and success year after year. 

2016 Cairo Khan festival International style : First Place winner
2015 Ahlan Wa Salan festival Fusion category : First Place winner
2013 WBDCS International BellyDance Competition in Seoul : First Place Winner

Madonna Lou is Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

The dance group "Ganesha", was founded in 2010 on the initiative of the first Bollywood instructor and choreographer in Greece Lucrecia Fournarakou.

The purpose of the group is to spread this beautiful dance style throughout our country.

The dancers alternate between professionals and enthusiasts, presenting modern Indian dance, through Lucrecia’s original and enjoyable choreography which is completed with impressive costumes and theatrical makeup.

Lucrecia has studied traditional, contemporary Bollywood & Bhangra in India, and continues her studies in classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam.  

*GANESHA BOLLYWOOD TROUPE & LUCRECIA* are a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Amber from Bulgaria / Germany
Amber takes an interdisciplinary approach to the practical as well as theoretical aspects of oriental dance and its culture. She has proven her strength of expression as a dancer and choreographer within the scope of various performances and festivals; working as well as a dancing instructor mainly in Berlin. In 2016 she graduated from the RAKSlive Dance Educational Programme by Nabila Sabha and co-tutor Guy Schalom.
Amber is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Olga Yuderkis is dancer and choreographer. She was born in Dominican Republic in 1985 and she moved to Greece at the age of 19 years old. Since she was a child, she always likes to dance. At the age of 10 she was in a group as cheerleader for 3 years and then she discovered her passion for dance. In 2001 she decided to take classes of different dance styles like afro, folkloric, salsa and modern styles from her country. After that she takes part of the group Professional Dance and started to work in different 5* hotels around the island. When she moved to Greece she loved the Orient music specially from Egypt . In 2012 she knew the group malema's banat and became member of this group. After that she pursued her education in different festivals of Oriental dance with master teachers like Mercedes Nieto, Saida, ahmet reefat, and others. She works at the best hotels in Crete in a Brazilian Show. People describe her as a dinamic and passionate dancer.

Olga Yuderkis is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Indian Dance Group 'Lasya' directed and choreographed by Alexandra Zervou from Greece is a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Popi Kotzabasaki from Crete,Greece is a belly dance teacher and
guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Marina Ramé; teacher and dancer from Malaga who for three years undertook the adventure with Rosa Beigbeder to organize the Festival Nayruz Weekend in Fuengirola. Inviting national and international teachers such as Camelia, Soraia Zaied and Khaled Mahmoud. Winner of the third professional solo with live band at the Prestigious Ahlan Wa Sahlan Winter Festival organized by Raquia Hassan.

Marina Ramé is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Linda Gamberini from Italy is assistant trainer of Kazafy Troupe Italy and a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Sadal Melik Group from Italy directed and choreographed by Linda Gamberini, is a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Nasia Hayat Charlambous loves to dance Oriental Dance..She firts take some Belly Dance Lessons in Greece for about three years,and then the last five years she started teaching in Limassol-Cyprus.
Nasia is a professional Belly Dancer,Teacher and Choreographer in Limassol,Cyprus.Owner of "Hayat Raqs Belly Dance Studio" since 2012 and leader of Hayat Raqs Group she teachs only authentic Belly Dance!
Did seminars with Professional teachers from Greece and abroad!
Nasia Hayat is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017
Tatiana Kowalczyk  is from Poland. She discovered this uniqe dance style in 2008, and from that time, she is deepening her abilities and knowledge by participating in workshops of the best oriental dance instructors all over the world. From 2012 she has been performing professionally as well as teaching and taking part in events and festivals. She is spending a lot of effort on leading the dance groups in Ozimek (small town in Poland), and she has found that the most exciting thing is creating dance spectacles, what relates to her humanistic head and artistic soul. She is the director and choreographer of two dance spectacles: „In Oriental Dream“, which contains classical and folkloric styles, and modern one: „Four Elements“. Tatiana was successful in polish „Nova Orient“ festival, where she gaind her first reward, then she took the 2nd place in drum solo category during  „European Oriental Championship“, and the 3rd place in Live Band category in „Ah ya elbi“ festival.
Tatiana is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017
Laura Andreotti, Professional Dancer, teacher and coreographer studied with great Egyptian Masters such as Zaza Hassan, Mohamed Kazafy and Wael Mansour.
She has been a member of the Bellysimo Company directed by Simona Minisini and is currently a member of the Kazafy Troupe Italy.

Laura is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Fenia Laoutari from Greece is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2017

Merkabah -Anassa Tribal Group - Indian  Fusion & Anassa Tribal Group- ATS® directed & choreographed by Jasmin  Kalathaki are a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Nota Ilia was born in 1987 in Athens. Her passion for beauty characterizes her life. That is why these two activities focused on her, which is dancing and esthetic! Her passion for dancing started from her childhood years. From 4 years old until 12, she was introduced to the magic of classical ballet and at the same time she became involved with the traditional folkloric dances. Growing up, wanting to experience the culture of other people, she turned to latin and oriental dancing.

The oriental dancing captured her soul. Since 2008, she started as a student in different schools of Athens and until now she has been occupied constantly with seminars with Greek and foreign teachers. In 2008 it was the beginning of oriental in her life and the end of their studies in T.E.I of Athens in Estetic and in Cosmetology. She has appeared in oriental contest and many social and cultural events..

In conclusion, she has professional diploma at associate oriental dance from Pan-Hellenic dance teachers association member of the national dancesport federation of Greece. She is teaching oriental to all ages in dancing schools in Athens. The oriental dance as she says brings out the feeling, it charms and fascinates her and this is what she wants to share and experience with other people.

Nota Ilia is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Elpida Tzeveleki is Greek dancer - instructor and choreographer of Oriental Dance .Her  exotic beauty ,fiery temper and her unique dancing aura promise to attract  your sight and   boost your mood for sure !


Elpida was born and raised in Thessaloniki , she has been involved in dance since she was a child and has been trained in almost all types of dance, from Classical ballet and traditional dancing, to Latin, and from Flamenco, to Argentine Tango, and Oriental.She made her first contact with Oriental dance in 2000. She is a professional performer, while she has also been professionally involved as a teacher of the art of Oriental dance,, since 2012.She has partnered with renowned dance schools, which have been active in the field for over three decades now. She has participated in international Oriental dance festivals in Greece and abroad  while she  has been constantly trained by prominent teachers of this genre from Egypt, Turkey, Europe, Russia, USA, and Greece,

Elpida Tzeveleki from Greece is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Gioulina Daskalopoulou was born in Athens and raised in Halkida.She studied Law in Athensand also studied at the Drama School“ Raba ‘’ and in private Institute of Vocational Training ‘’ Akmi ‘’specialized theater and cinema.She worked as an actorin childhood and central scenes of Athensand participated in various serials on TVsuch as ‘’ Akrosoikogeneiakon‘’ , ‘’ Lampsi ‘’ and many more. She also played in feature filmssuch as ‘’ Sose me ‘’ and ‘’ 45 tetragonika ‘’ of StratouTzitzi and many more films. She discovered her talent in dance from childhoodand dealt with many kinds, astraditional, classic, contemporary,Latin, and many more.Meanwhileshe expanded her horizons in the dances that she loved from the first moment, Flamenco becauseshe thought how is dancing with greater expressiveness, capacity and greater passion and Oriental because it combines femininity, elegance and passion. To expand the knowledge and technique in Oriental successfully completed the necessary courses and took the following certificates, 1) BELLY DANCING DANCE TEACHERS DIPLOMA - International Dance Teachers Associate 2) CERTIFICATE of ASSOCIATE ORIENTAL from Dance Teachers & Sport Dancers Society of Greece. Today she has her own school dance, ‘’ Studio Art ‘’ and she passing her Knowledge and skills to her students.

Gioulina is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Natassa from Greece is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Yara Dagher - Syria/Greece
Yara Dagher is a Guest artist and costume designer of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Halka Tytykalova (Slovakia)
Besides classical dancing within the study of pedagogy at the university in Russia she had been briefly in touch with various dancing styles. She has been intensively focused on oriental dancing since 2006. She completed a retraining course Lecturer of Oriental Dancing, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic.
She is a co-founder of the international festival Pressburg Dance Fest in Bratislava and a member of respected dancing group Kazafy Troup led by famous dancers Mohamed Kazafy, Elena Dahabeya and Karolina Strauss Idris. She is an artistic chairman of the group Oriental Essence and as a lecturer she helps Slovak solo dancers to improve and develop by preparing them on her individual lessons.
She carries out regular courses for various proficiency levels (including the preparation of starting lecturers), the seminars are held either in Slovakia or abroads. She attends competitions as a judge.
Halka Tytykalova from Slovakia is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Ahlam Group from Greece, directed & choreographed by Athena Najat is a guest dance group of Oriental Passion 2017

Zoi Kourmpanoglou from Crete - Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Kristina Gorodetsκι is an aspiring dancer from Germany with a dynamic and expressive, yet down-to-earth dance style. In 2017 she became German champion in classical Oriental Dance, after already winning the championship in Oriental Folklore in 2016. Since 2011 she is a member of the multi-award winning dance ensemble Lazurie under the artistic direction of Delanna. Being in love with all forms of dance, Kristina especially enjoys the diversity Oriental Dance has to offer.

Kristina Gorodetski is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Eirini Paizi from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Lili DSevilla is a Spanish Dancer teacher and choreographer based in Seville. Recognized in her country, she dances and teaches at various festivals and cities all around Spain. Internationally he has worked in Morocco, Portugal, Italy, and Japan, where made a tour of performances, workshops and conferences about Al-Andalus heritage. Eventually performs in European Festivals and he has participated in competitions, winning first prizes in the Netherlands and Italy For 5 years he was part of the Troupe “La Flor del Desierto” directed by the renowned master teacher Narjess Montasser, dancing as a soloist dancer.

Lili runs its own school in Spain called “Karkadé Dance Studio” and She organizes the “Oriental Weekend Festival” wich develops in her city, Seville.

More about Lili in

Lili DSevilla is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Safie Antonova is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Matina Manta from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Thérèse Joost from Germany

"My Jordanian roots have already brought me into contact with oriental music in my childhood. To this day I developed the pure passion to move to oriental music. My dance life is particularly influenced by Katharina Joumana, Mohamed Kazafy, Beata and Horacio Cifuentes.I thank them very much about their sharing and knowledge of their oriental dance love. "

Thérèse Joost is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Dariya Ryzhkova from Russia is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Dionysia Asimakopoulou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Vicky Liapi from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Anna Parousi from Greece from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Ntia Pilatou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Vasia Douska from Greece is a member of Balilkas Broup by Nabila and a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Vasia Douska & Nancy Panagiotou from Greece, members of Balilkas Group are a Guest duet of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Kadia start her professional dance training since the age of 12 in her hometown Xinjiang. Her major was in Uyghur traditional dance together with Ballet & various types of Xinjiang folkloric dance. 
To pursue her dance career with a broader vision, after graduated from the art institute she move to HongKong and apply for The HongKong Academy for Performing Art for a wide range training in both Eastern & Western dance. 
She is the first and only student from Xinjiang with uyghur traditional dance background who got accepted into the HKAPA dance program and graduated with Honors from the BFA program in 2011.
During her study in HongKong, she was influenced by her aunt and start her oriental dance journey. 
2010 she won her first competition < HongKong International Bellydance Competition > judge by Mahmoud Reda and soon she became one of the youngest professional oriental dancer & instructor in HongKong. 
Just like she said: " Dancing is my life. I tried to find and study different types of them. One day, only lessening to that beautiful magical music, I felt deep with my heart and soul... And could't stop since." 
The love for the oriental dance drove her to studied and trained with many world famous masters.
Her elegant and unique style had made her multi international award winner & south after performer, instructor and  choreographer in Asia.

Kadia from Hong Kong is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Demy Liamyra from  Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

"My passion for Indian dance comes from my roots - I have partial bangla origin and can say that this culture is in my blood. I'm not only dancer but also a choreographer. Creating my dance numbers I'm trying different dance forms - mainly Bollywood, also folk and even kathak semi-classical styles, becuase I believe the true heart of Indian culture lies in its classical forms. I've been performing in many EU countries, sharing stage with true stars of Bollywood dance in Europe such as Sunny Singh, Tushar Malgaonkar and others."

Irene Razon from Poland is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Evangelia Polikandrioti from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017


Kalypso Mani is an instructor, choreographer and dancerof modern oriental dance – Tribal Fusion Bellydance and founder of Somnia Troupe and Amaroses Troupe. She’s a member of CID - UNESCO (international dance council)and has an Oriental Dance Diploma recognized globally by CID – UNESCO. 

Born in Athens, she studied beauty practice, professional makeup (theater, tv, special effects- deformity, wedding makeup, permanent tattoo makeup) and nail art. She worked for many years in this field, together with dancing, and this gave her the ability to combine those two and end up in more dramatic and fulfilled performances. 

She started her dance studies at the age of 3 with CLASSICAL BALLET (I.S.T.D. & R.A.D.), MODERN THEATRE DANCE, JAZZ and KARAKTER for more than 13 years. She had also taken classes of FLAMENCO, BOLLYWOOD, KUNG FU, YOGA, PILATES and she has knowledge on classical- electrical guitar and Darbuka (basic oriental rhythms).

Upon this journey she discovered Oriental Dance and she was amazed by its expressivity and femininity. So charmed she was that she followed it to every path until she discovered Tribal Fusion Bellydance. She extended her knowledge on this mysterious, sensual dance and she realized the unlimited capabilities that her body has on movement and expression. For that reason, she was dedicated totally to this dance.  


She has participated in dance festivals, music scenes, theaters and many social events.  She has, also, gained medals on Greek dance competitions. 

Finally, she participated in the 33, 35th and 37th Global Dance Conference held by CID – UNESCO coaching and performing. She can arrange dance seminars in and out of Athens. 

Kalypso Mani is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Georgina Malevri from Greece, teacher, choreographer and member of Kazafy Troupe Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Yiting Zhou from China is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Amira Balkis, the creator and co-organizer with Athena Najat, of Habibi Tsiggana Festival, is a Greek dancer, trainer and choreographer of oriental dance. Beginning her dance training with the famous Deanna Rhea, she attended countless seminars of the world's greatest dance teachers and performers.

  She has been working and collaborating with international and Greek artists and participates as a distinguished member of several performance groups (Kazafy Troupe Greece, Tsigganes, Sirens Tribal Group, Leyla t 'Hob, A-Rom-a, Drigi Drigki Opa etc.) Certified IDTA teacher, with the highest grade, she is consistently selected by the Secretary of the Greek Labour Organization of Oriental Dancers and she has been requested as a judge of several major dance competitions in Greece and abroad. For more than fifteen years she has graced the stage as a successful performer and choreographer. She has appeared in some of the most popular nightclubs, participated in many domestic and international festivals, TV shows, private events, and has collaborated and improvised with folk Greek and Arabic bands to create magic on the stage.

Teaching complements her passion and dedication to oriental dance. Patient and meticulous, she works with the best dance schools, where she teaches and gives a wide range of seminars. She has also participated as a researcher and speaker of the International Dance Council, UNESCO's Athens CID. As a founder of the dance groups, Loulouda, Louloudakia, Nychtoloulouda, Amira's Girls, Darya E Nur, she has successfully led her students to place as winners of dance competitions many times.  They perform as groups and solos, in competitions and gala showcases in Greece and abroad. Currently, many of her students have grown to teach oriental dance and excel in the stage, making their teacher proud!

   Having experience and understanding the needs of dancers, she designs and implements handmade dance costumes called "Amirabella".

   Her design style is separate and unique, applying a mixture of elegant charm and sensuality with notes of intense theatricality, yet also retaining a creative originality that goes beyond expectation and radiates a Mediterranean temperament.

Amira Balkis is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Nur from Greece is a member of Balilkas group, Kazafy troupe Greece and a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Danai Bofiliou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Wang YiFei from China is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Xristina Kakalianti from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Olga Litovka is a passionate, talented, multifaced dancer, born in Ukraine, spent 3 first years of her life in Algeria and finally moved to Berlin.

Felt in love with dance art when she was 6. Started with ballroom dancing including various competitions in- and outside Ukraine, where she won gold, silber and bronze prices. After that there were Jazz dance, Folkdance and other dance experiences till with 20 she discovered the world of Bellydance.

Second Place at the Ukrainian Championship 2008 , Category “Show-Bellydance”; Since 6 years a part of the “Oriental Roses” Group, choreographed by Katharina Joumana and for “Café am Nil” show in Berlin by guest star choreographer Mohamed Kazafy. She gets her inspiration from star teachers by visiting workshops and practicing in “Azadeh” –school of oriental dance in Berlin. Dancing regularly on the stages of various festivals and private events, never stops to improve her dance art.

Olga Litovka is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017

Liza Tafiy from Ukraine is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Ioanna Koili from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Dalma Izzo from Italy, member of Kazafy Troupe Italy, is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
"Azzah" (Dora Xagorari & Sevasti Kariki) from Greece is a Guest Duo of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Qu qing from China is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Roula Desypri from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Pepe from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Ren Rongrong (China)  is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Katarina Kavada from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
Natalia Duminica from Moldavia is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2017
More artists to be announced!!!