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Guest Artists 2020


The Kazafy Troupe (Greece)

“Kazafy Troupe – Greece” is the first professional group in Greece created to present Egyptian folklore dances through the theatrical and modern view of the Master Teacher Mohamed Kazafy who is the founder of this troupe.

Mohamed Kazafy has been dancing with the world famous Reda Troupe of Egypt for 17 years. After initially trained with the troupe's founder Mahmoud Reda & the legendary principle female dancer Farida Fahmy, he went on to perform with the Reda Troupe in dozens of countries worldwide . He is the founder of ''Kazafy Troupe'' in many countries around the world.

After one trial period of 1 year in 2010, the Kazafy Troupe Greece, after taking  the permission of the master teacher, was officially formed in 2011 by Elena Eleftheriou- Dahabeya as the manager, producer and trainer of the "Kazafy Troupe - Greece" under the guidance of M. Kazafy. In the 2016  show, the troupe for the first time in Greece and in the international history of Kazafy Troupe, initialized the participation of male dancers from Egypt (Reda Troupe).

In the Troupe’s show perform more than 15 dancers, professionals and advanced students in group folklore and oriental choreographies of M. Kazafy. The Troupe is composed by a core group of 6-8 dancers and each year many more join for the show as guest members.

 “Kazafy Troupe – Greece” is invited as guest in major events in Greece and abroad.

Angella Kim from Korea is a guest artist & guest judge of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Aisha from Greece is a guest artist & guest judge of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Stella Zahir from Greece is a guest judge of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Athena Najat from USA/Greece is a guest artist & guest judge of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Olga Krasilnikova from Russia is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

"Elmas is the only Romanian oriental dancer with Turkish and Tatar origins, and her name means diamond in the Turkish language. With a degree in Performing Arts and Choreography, Elmas is an oriental dance teacher and set up the Elmas Oriental Dance Studio in 2013 in Bucharest.


Over the last 12 years, Elmas has been learning the art of oriental dance, training with international teachers and dancers from around the world and studying intense individually.


She is one of the first oriental dancers in Romania who has participated in international festivals and competitions of oriental dance since 2009. Elmas won in 2015 the 3rd place in the International Championship "Oriental Passion" in Greece – Solo Adult Category and 2nd place at the "Hezz Ya Wezz" International Championship in Bulgaria in 2017 with her dance troupe, Elmas Dance Group.


Also, starting with 2013, Elmas is the organizer of Oriental Dream Bucharest, the first oriental dance festival in Romania, an event with international guests, highly appreciated and supported by the oriental dance community in her country. In her performances Elmas impresses with her very expressive and charismatic stage presence. Characterized by cheerfulness, exuberance and inner strength, no matter where she dances, on stage or at private events, Elmas always conveys passion, joy and delight.

Through her work, Elmas supports the authentic Egyptian oriental dance, wants to educate the audience in Romania by drawing attention to the misconceptions and prejudices with which this dance is viewed, she wants to find other oriental dance art lovers like her to share her passion with. The universe of Oriental dance expresses in the best way her emotions and feelings, it is a world in which Elmas can express herself freely and without inhibitions, a world in which she finds peace, confidence and freedom."

Galina Yudina is a  Performer and choreographer from Moscow, Russia. The soloist of "Al Hamra" Alla Mourzina's dance troupe.

Samira Masreya from Greece/Egypt is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Mona is from Bucharest and she discovered the oriental dance art around 7 years ago, when she started studying with Elmas.

Since then, she has constantly tried to improve her dance by attending many international festivals and workshops.

Mona is now a member of Elmas Dance Group, with whom she constantly performs in various events, shows & competitions, both in Romania & abroad.

Mona is very fond of the pure Egyptian style and her own dance style is elegant, feminine & joyful.

Marina Ramé from Spain started in Oriental Dance in 2007 with teacher Kayra to continue learning with renowned teachers around the world. She has her own style inspired Golden Era dancers. Five consecutive years like teacher at Huelva Oriental Festival, where she impart Vintage workshops with more than 200 students. 
Invited to many international festivals inside and outside of Spain.  She organized with Rosa Beigbeder the International Festival "Nayruz Weekend" in Fuengirola (Málaga) with great international artists. She was won awards such as the prestigious Ahlan wa Sahlan Winter Course Cairo (3rd place ), Cairofestival Budapest (3rd place), Oriental Dance Weekend Portugal (2nd place),... 
She often travels all over the world to continue learning. 
Dahabeya's Jewels by Elena Dahabeya from Greece are a Guest Group of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Nabila is an oriental dance teacher, artist and pilates instructor, director of Balilkas oriental Group & principal assistant of Kazafy Troupe Greece,
Balilkas by Nabila from Greece, directed and choreographed by Nabila

Layla el Amira is a student of Delanna from Germany. She was part of her Ensemble Lazurie, which performed internationally. Layla won various competitons and is a well known dancer in Germany.

Roxana Ioana Oprea from Romania is a guest artist of Oriental Passion 2020

Milena Videnova from Bulgaria is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Dance Center Fantasia from Bulgaria, directed and choreographed by Warda is a Guest Group of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Yara Dagher from Greece/Syria is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Aliah Zalyaeva from Germany is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Fani Thalassinou from Greece is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Erika Gubbe from Germany is a Guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Olga Yuderkis from Dominican Republic/Greece  is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Amira Balkis, the creator and co-organizer with Athena Najat, of Habibi Tsiggana Festival, is a Greek dancer, trainer and choreographer of oriental dance. Beginning her dance training with the famous Deanna Rhea, she attended countless seminars of the world's greatest dance teachers and performers.

  She has been working and collaborating with international and Greek artists and participates as a distinguished member of several performance groups (Kazafy Troupe Greece, Tsigganes, Sirens Tribal Group, Leyla t 'Hob, A-Rom-a, Drigi Drigki Opa etc.) Certified IDTA teacher, with the highest grade, she is consistently selected by the Secretary of the Greek Labour Organization of Oriental Dancers and she has been requested as a judge of several major dance competitions in Greece and abroad. For more than fifteen years she has graced the stage as a successful performer and choreographer. She has appeared in some of the most popular nightclubs, participated in many domestic and international festivals, TV shows, private events, and has collaborated and improvised with folk Greek and Arabic bands to create magic on the stage.

Teaching complements her passion and dedication to oriental dance. Patient and meticulous, she works with the best dance schools, where she teaches and gives a wide range of seminars. She has also participated as a researcher and speaker of the International Dance Council, UNESCO's Athens CID. As a founder of the dance groups, Loulouda, Louloudakia, Nychtoloulouda, Amira's Girls, Darya E Nur, she has successfully led her students to place as winners of dance competitions many times.  They perform as groups and solos, in competitions and gala showcases in Greece and abroad. Currently, many of her students have grown to teach oriental dance and excel in the stage, making their teacher proud!

   Having experience and understanding the needs of dancers, she designs and implements handmade dance costumes called "Amirabella".

   Her design style is separate and unique, applying a mixture of elegant charm and sensuality with notes of intense theatricality, yet also retaining a creative originality that goes beyond expectation and radiates a Mediterranean temperament.

Kalea from Germany is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Vasia Douska from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Yara Danica & Kalea from Germany  are a Guest Duo of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Stavroula Leventaki from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Maria Leventaki from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Yara Danica from Germany is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Vasia Douska & Nancy Panagiotou from Greece are a Guest Duo of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Raqs Amal by Dora Hasna from Greece are a Guest Group of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Dora Hasna from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

"Lora Rikker(Ukrain/India). International teacher,  dancer and choreographer of kathak, Bollywood and Indian folk dance styles. The owner of a very energetic and at the same time graceful manner of performance"


Rocio Vicent started her career in oriental dance in 2005.

She has studied with prestigious teachers in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal and Hungary, both in regular classes and workshops.

She has performed in cities like Gijón, Valencia, Granada (Spain), Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine), Poggibonsi (Italy), Budapest (Hungary) and Lisbon (Portugal), where she was invited to be part of the “Queen Weekend festival” both as a teacher and a dancer.

Her last group performance was in Marrakesh (Morroco), and Barcelona, where she was part of the Munique Neith’s International Ballet, in “Egipto en Barcelona” 2018 and 2019.

She won awards in festivals like Art & Raks (Valencia, 3rd place), Valencia Dance Festival (2nd place), IX International Festival of Oriental Dance in Granada (2nd place), BellyQuality (Madrid, 1st place), Oriental Dance Weekend (Lisbon, 3rd place), DariyaM CUP (Kramatorsk,1st place) and Oriental Weekend Sevilla (Yousry Sharif prize

Sophia Traikou from Greece is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Annie Papagianni from Greece is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Sofia Lazandrea from Greece is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020

Sophia & Annie from Greece are guest artists of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Elina Nika from Greece is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Nancy Panagiotou from Greece is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Sissy Asimakopoulou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Sevasti Kariki from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Eva Mandisa from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Julia Rikker from Ukraine is a guest artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Kelly Katsafadou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Mado Koborozou from Greece is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
Laura Nova, better known as Gaia, is a versatile dancer, who since she was a child has trained various disciplines, currently runs one of the largest bellydance schools in her home country Costa Rica. He is known for his charisma and creativity. He has traveled to various countries dancing and teaching.
Violeta Valcheva from Bulgaria is a Guest Artist of "Oriental Passion" 2020
More artists to be announced!!!

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